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Askren Wrestling Academy WI – Lake Country

AWA Lake Country opened in April 2011 under the watchful eye of John Mesenbrink. Mesenbrink who coached both Askren Brothers in high school continues to have a profound impact on wrestling in Southeastern WI. Everybody is welcome at AWA Lake Country so come join and be a part of something special today!

Winter Classes

  • Elite Class- See below for detailed description.  We offer a 1 week free trial class, please come and check it out!  Email for more info.
  • 2x a week class– For ages 8-14 will be folkstyle training.  Runs Jan 4- March 22 and registration opens December 4. Click here for more info.
  • Ninjas in Training– For ages 5-11, see below for a more detailed description.  Runs Jan 4- March 22 and registration opens December 4. Click here for more info.

Lake Country Classes

Ninjas In Training

Ages 5 yrs. – 11yrs. (Max. 30 athletes/session)

AWA Lake Country

Elite Wrestling

Ages 10 yrs. & Up

AWA Lake Country

This group is where we expect young wrestlers to start taking the sport more seriously. Practices are four days a week year round, with the exception of HS students who will not attend during their competitive season. In AWA, classes are limited to 40 students and are separated by skill level. In the less experienced group there are 3 main focuses: tumbling, which will encourage students to learn body control, isometric and plyometric strength, which students will need to be successful at the higher levels of wrestling, and technical knowledge, which we emphasize so that kids understand the ins and outs of wrestling at a very young age. In the more experienced group we will focus on fine tuning techniques and have more live wrestling. You can join this group at any juncture and if you are serious about achieving your goals in wrestling you should do so as soon as possible.

-4x a week elite class is completely year round however HS kids will not practice with AWA during their season.  Wrestlers can start at any time.

– 1x and 2x a week classes will happen periodically and will be posted in our blog when they happen.

For more info please contact

Lake Country Location

596 North Shore Drive, Hartland, WI 53029 (Only 1 mile North of I-94)


Contact Us

Ben Askren

Phone: 262.951.5617


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