2015 AWA Coaches Clinic

We have experimented with a few different ways to run a coaches clinic and we are back to the old school 1 day coaches clinic.  This year will feature Ben and Max Askren as well as Concordia University head coach Corey Van Groll.  Coaches please come and spend a day with us preparing for your upcoming season.

Schedule- October 24th 1pm-5pm followed by social.

1:00-1:55– Ben Askren talks and shows neutral technique

2:00-2:45– Round table on promotion of the sport and recruitment of wrestlers.

2:45-3:00– Break

3:00-3:55– Max Askren discusses mat wrestling techniques

4:00-5:00– Corey Van Groll discusses the mental aspect of coaching athletes.  Corey also has a PHD in sports psychology.

5:00- Whenever– Coaches social and bags tournament.

Cost: FREE

Location: AWA Lake Country(596 North Shore Dr Hartland, WI)

Please sign up so we can prepare for the day: https://askrenbros.wufoo.com/forms/2015-awa-coaches-clinic/

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