Askren Wrestling Academy (AWA) Testimonials

The Askren Wrestling Academy continues to have a profound impact on wrestling. Read more on what’s being said about us.

It’s hard to put into words what Coach (Mesenbrink) can do for you. It’s something you only truly understand if you’ve had the privilege of being coached by him. He gives you an edge; you just know you’re going to win because you’re better prepared.

Chris BorchardtWIAA State Champion, Fargo Jr. All- American, D. 1 wrestling at the University of Wisconsin

I have coached against him on the high school level and with him on the club level. Through all my experiences; there are numerous good coaches, but there are only a few that have the ability to teach and coach our young athletes the way that John Mesenbrink does. John’s passion and knowledge for the sport of wrestling spans all ages from coaching our Olympic Hero’s to the 5 year old kids in the club. Everyday I work with and watch John coach my children, I am amazed at his devotion to teaching life as well as wrestling. He is truly one of the great coaches of our sport

Bryan Diel8 yrs High school coach, WI State Assistant Coach of the year 2008-2009, 3 years Assistant Coach Arrowhead Wrestling Club

Coach Mesenbrink showed me great technique in every position. The main thing he got across to my teammates and I was how to gain mental toughness and push the pace on the mat. We reviewed technique over and over and made us go live for about an hour a practice. He prepared our team to be in better shape than any team in the state. I respected him as a coach the most because he went through all the workouts and runs with us, and understood when we needed lighter practices and our bodies were run down. All these great things he taught me made me earn my success in high school and become a divison 1 athlete at the University of Missouri.

Nick Hucke3x WIAA State Champion, NHSCA All-American, Current D. 1 athlete at University of Missouri

John’s knowledge and understanding of the sport of wrestling is second to none. He is one of the best coaches we have in the sport.

Troy SteinerNCAA Div 1 Champion, Asst. Coach Oregon State
Brian Smith

Coach Mesenbrink produces athletes that are well schooled in all three positions (neutral, bottom, and top) when you mix that in with their ability to scramble it becomes a very dangerous combination

Brian SmithHead coach University of Missouri

The past four years Coach Mesenbrink has been an incredible mentor and coach to me. His knowledge of wrestling paired with the dedication he gives to his athletes is unmatched, and it shows in the success he’s had throughout his coaching career. Coach Mesenbrink’s workman like mentality, and positive attitude is contagious making him truly a blessing to work with.

Al Yde2x WIAA State Placer, current D. 1 Athlete University of Wisconsin

From a coaching standpoint I’ve been getting asked this question time and time again. ‘Where do you get it from? How do you do it?’ I have to say that I get it entirely from Coach. If you want to see your kids exceed to the highest level, they need to be taught by Coach Mesenbrink. My coaching record can speak for itself, but I have to give all the credit to Coach Mesenbrink

Chris BorchardtWIAA State Champion, Fargo Jr. All- American, D. 1 Wrestler at the University of Wisconsin

The thing I like most about John Mesenbrink coached athletes is their work ethic, the guys he coaches really know how to get the job done. I would recruit an athlete coached by him(Mesenbrink) any day of the week

Shawn Charles Head Coach Arizona State University

Whether it was challenging me mentally or physically, Coach Mesenbrink introduced me to a new intensity of wrestling. Having such a well prepared and dedicated coach made the transition from high school to college easy.

Arik Yde2x WI State Placewinner & D2 Athlete at UW Parkside

I was grateful to have gained a strong knowledge of the basics from Coach Mesenbrink. He had a tremendous impact on my work ethic and definitely understands the importance of out working the competition. One reason I believe Coach is so successful is because he helps each wrestler develop as an individual.

Chris SpaudeD3 Athlete at UW Platteville

Coach Mesenbrink is an outstanding coach. He knows how to coach all types of wrestlers and is terrific at breaking down techniques. His passion sets him apart and you can feel his motivation when you step on the mat every day.

Josh AntonneauWI State Placewinner & D2 Athlete at St. Cloud State University Minnesota

I have been privileged to have had him as a high school coach when he first started coaching high school. I have also had the opportunity to coach along side with him at the club and high school levels for ten years. I have always thought of him as a “collegiate coach” with his mastery teaching of technique, and his work-ethic ideals. It doesn’t matter what level athlete you are, whether you are a beginner wrestler or one of the top wrestlers in the nation, he can help you achieve that “next level”, whatever level that may be. As a coach and as a parent, I would want my wrestler to have the best opportunities… When you think of a tradition of successful athletes or a coach who has the “recipe for success” it would definitely be Coach Mesenbrink.

Nick ReedAssistant Coach Arrowhead High School, Wisconsin