AWA Fall Ninjas in Training

Hope everyone had a good summer, time to get back on the mats for the little ones.  Our ninjas in training program has been our intro class for a long time, this fall there are two changes.

  1. We are expanding our reach and will host classes in Western WI(New Lisbon/Mauston) and the Green Bay area(Bay Port/Lux Casco)
  2.  We are expanding the age range from 5-9 to 5-11 years old.  We felt like this was the best for newer 10-11 year olds.  However we are still allowing and would recommend more experienced 10-11 year olds to join our other classes.

With that being said here are the locations and their corresponding dates.

  1. AWA Lake Country- Sept 7- Dec 21(Thanksgiving Week off)
  2. AWA North Shore- Sept 7- Dec 21(Thanksgiving Week off)
  3. Western WI Sept 7- Nov 9 (Mauston- Wednesday and New Lisbon-Sunday)
  4. Green Bay Area Sept 7- Nov 9 (Bay Port HS-Wednesday and Lux Casco- Sunday)

We will be having the same time for all locations

Wednesday- 6-7 pm

Sunday 4-5 pm

All Locations are limited to 35 spots so please sign up soon.

Cost- AWA locations- $225(14 weeks- This is more expensive that usual but it is also an extra month as compared to the length we have been doing in the past.)

Green Bay and Western WI- $150( 9 weeks)

Sign Up: Click Here

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