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Rudis Athletic Partners with Askren Wrestling Academy (AWA) To Promote Co-Branded Program of Infamous Upstart Club

Columbus, OH. September 11th, 2015 — Rudis, a recently launched athletic apparel brand that is uniquely marketed to the national wrestling community, has partnered with the Ben Askren and the Askren Wrestling Academy (AWA) to promote a co-branded product line for the infamous upstart wrestling club. The full product line is being released this fall. Rudis, a new and upcoming brand, has enjoyed similar trajectory in growth to that of the Askren brothers’ wrestling camp & club system in their home state of Wisconsin.

One could argue that there hasn’t been a more successful pair of brothers to enter that elite wrestling scene since the Brands brothers. Ben Askren, a 2x NCAA Champion, Hodge Trophy Winner, and 2008 Olympian has become one of the most polarizing personalities in the national wrestling community. Never shy to share his opinion, Ben has always challenged the status quo in wrestling, both with his funky yet dominant style on the mat, as well as his views on all topics relating to the sport. Ben’s brother, Max, also an NCAA Champion, has been

a steady and loyal partner for the upstart AWA. Additionally, John Mesenbrink, rounds out the trio to form a system of wrestling that has been successful in developing the best wrestlers in Wisconsin and its bordering states.
Rudis co-founder and friend of the Askren brothers, Tommy Rowlands, says; “Ben & Max have always had an originality, an authenticity about their approach that the partners at Rudis find refreshing in the sport of wrestling. Their creativity, outspokenness, and genuine passion for wrestling enables them to be catalysts in a sport that is re-inventing itself every day. Rudis will continue to partner and align with people who make wrestling ‘A Way of Life’. Clearly, that is evident in the lives of Ben & Max Askren, John Mesenbrink, and the members of AWA.”

John Mesenbrink, director of AWA, comments on the partnership; “”AWA is proud to partner with a brand that has the same vision as AWA. Rudis makes the highest quality products and has a level of service that most companies would envy.”
This partnership will commence immediately and AWA coach/co-founder Ben Askren stated his excitement over the partnership as well, commenting, “I have known the guys that run Rudis for years and we will be proud to have our wrestlers wearing a brand that stands for the highest quality in wrestling!” The product line, which features over 10 co-branded clothing items and accessories, is exclusively created & designed by Rudis and AWA.

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About Rudis

Formed in September of 2013, Rudis is a brand that develops and market merchandise tailored to satisfy the fit and tastes of the global amateur wrestling community.

About Askren Wrestling Academy (AWA)

Askren Wrestling Academy was founded in 2011 by NCAA Champions Ben and Max Askren alongside their high school coach, John Mesenbrink. The goal of AWA is to build a passion for wrestling into kids that gives them lifelong success.


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