Ben Askren Ultimate Askren DVD Set

Take your wrestling to the next level with this 11 disc Ultimate Askren DVD Set. With over 10 hours of training, this will be the last course you will need! You can’t find this type of training anywhere else. Easy to learn and easy to use.

Ultimate Askren DVD 11-Disc Set

Takedown King Series

  • Hand Fighting
  • Single Legs
  • Hi Crotches and Doubles
  • Defense and Front Headlocks

Alcatraz Series (Top)

  • 1st move stoppers
  • Cradles and Hammerlocks plus The Assassin
  • Tilts Leg and Crab Riding

Houdini Series

  • QuadPod
  • Elevator + Leg and Crab ride defense
  • Funky Fresh Scrambling

Ben and Max Askren - Ultimate Askrens
Max and I have been pondering doing a DVD set for a while now to share the 50+ years of wrestling knowledge we have accumulated.  Growing up, Max and I developed a passion for wrestling. That passion led us to the University of Missouri where we would become only the 10th set of brothers ever to win NCAA titles.  In our time at Missouri we developed our unique brand of wrestling which was both successful and exciting.  In this DVD set we will share all of the tricks and secrets that helped make us national champions.  Enjoy.

~ Ben Askren

Ultimate Askren DVD Set

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