AWA Spring Camp with Jake Herbert

AWA is so excited to announce that we are hosting 2012 Olympian for our spring camp.  Jake has many accolades including 2x NCAA Champion, Hodge Trophy Winner, World Silver Medalist and 2012 Olympian, Jake will bring a high energy camp to AWA

When: April 14 6pm-8:30pm @ AWA Lake Country
April 15 9:30am-Noon @ AWA North Shore

What: Jake will be teaching his base wrestling system that he developed with 2008 Olympian Andy Hrovat.

Ages: 4th grade and Up

Cost:  AWA Members will have the option to chose 1 of the days or both.  Cost is $30 for 1 day or $50 for both.  Year members will be free as always, but we would ask that you respect the space and only sign up for the day(s) you plan on coming for.  For non AWA members the cost will be $75 for both days.

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Spring Youth 2x a week Freestyle and Greco intro at AWA LC

We are back with our 2x a week Freestyle and Greco intro class.  The first time we ran this class was spring of 2016 and it was well received. This class is for 8-14 year olds and will run at times congruent to the Ninjas in Training class. This class will focus on giving kids and introduction to the olympic styles of FS and GR. This practice will be ran with more intensity than the ninjas class and have an emphasis on teaching kids the core techniques of FS/GR.  See all info below

Where: AWA Lake Country- 596 North Shore Dr Hartland WI 53226

Dates: April 2-May 24

Ages: 8-14

Times: Sundays 4-5:30 and Wednesday 6-7:30pm

Space: Limited to 30 spots

Cost: $200

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AWA Spring Ninjas in training

The Winter session ninjas in training(5-11 year olds) is now open for registration for all AWA locations. Look below for all of the details you need to know and a link to sign up!

Dates: Sunday April 2nd -Wednesday May 24

AWA Lake Country and AWA Packerland- Wednesday 6-7pm and Sunday 4-5pm
AWA North Shore- Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm and Sunday 4-5pm

Space: All locations are limited to 35 spots

Ages- 5-11(10 and 11 year olds will have the option to move into the elite classes)

Cost: $150

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AWA Lake Country Spring Folkstyle Class

***SOLD OUT***

We are back with our 2x a week spring folkstyle class at AWA Lake Country. This class is for high school wrestlers who are not keen on wrestling freestyle or greco and still want to train.  This is also a great option for athletes who play other sports but still want to spend time on the mat getting better.

Where: AWA Lake Country- 596 North Shore Dr Hartland WI 53226

Dates: March 14-May 25

Times: Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-9:00pm

Space: Limited to 30 spots

Cost: $250

***SOLD OUT***

AWA Packerland Preregistration

Due to popular demand we have decided to open preregistration for the AWA Packerland Location. For the preregistration we will only offer upfront payments. Once the academy opens you will also be able to pay for memberships on a monthly basis!

Training will be 3x per week(Monday and Wednesday at 7:00-8:30pm and Sunday 2:30-4:00pm) and the elite classes are for ages 10 and up.  Practice days/times are subject to change on a seasonal basis.

These prices are reduced(not as much as the original sale) we will also offer these prices are the Grand Opening party and Grand opening camps.

Location: 1515 Glory Rd Ashwaubenon

This sale is over!!!

AWA Lake Country Open House

AWA Lake Country will be hosting an open house February 28 from 7:30pm-8:30pm.  This is for High School wrestlers to come and sign up for the spring session, check out the facilities and also meet the coaches.  This is very important for us as it will make the 1st day of practice go really smooth if we have all of the registration paperwork already done for most of the athletes.

Spring HS practices start March 6th for the elite training class(4x per week).

See all of you there.

Free Freestyle Clinic at AWA North Shore(HS only)!

AWA North Shore will be hosting free freestyle clinics on Sunday March 5th for anyone who is interested in trying out freestyle or AWA for the first time.  The first clinic will run Noon-1:30pm, is this fills up we will open another one!  Clinics will be taught by NCAA Champion Max Askren who is the head coach at AWA North Shore.  Use the info below to sign up:

Click here

Free Grand Opening Camps at AWA Packerland!

Another part of our grand opening process is to host free camps for everyone to come in and see the facilities.  We will be hosting these camps on Sunday March 5th, there will be 3 options- 11am-12:30pm, 1:30pm-3pm, and 4pm-5:30pm.  All three camps are limited to 40 people and spots are given on a first come first served basis.  You are only allowed to sign up for 1 camp to ensure that everyone who wants a spot gets one.  Sign up below!

Address: 1515 Glory Rd. Ashwaubenon, WI

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AWA Packerland Grand Opening Sale

**** SOLD OUT- More info about the grand opening coming shortly!****

By now a lot of you have heard that AWA Will be opening an academy in the Green Bay Area.  It will be located at 1515 glory rd in Ashwaubenon.  The Grand Opening party is planned for March 4th and doors for the business will open March 6th!  Josh Wagner is going to be the head coach at AWA Packerland, if you need more info about Josh check out the bio section, he is a superstar.  We have done 2 sales in the history of AWA and it was before the grand opening of both of our other AWA Locations.  We will be doing the same with AWA Packerland, here is the offer:  AWA is offering 10- 1 year memberships at a greatly reduced rate of $1200(normal is $1620) this will cover elite training for a whole year 3 times a week.  In the case of HS kids we do not practice during the HS season so their 12 months will be put on hold and continue after the HS season.

Ages for elite class: 10 and up(We will be hosting a spring ninjas in training session for wrestlers 5-9 years old starting in early April.  More info on that later.)

Days: This spring practice will be Monday and Wednesday at 7:00-8:30pm and Sunday at 3-4:30pm. Practice days/times are subject to change on a seasonal basis.

Hope you guys are as excited as we are to be coming to the Green Bay Area!