Freestyle, Why Not?

A conversation I have every year at the end of the folk-style season is, “Why wrestle freestyle?” The answer is plain and simple. Freestyle promotes attributes that greatly help folk-style wrestling. This is why the best folk-style wrestlers wrestle freestyle. I have different thoughts on why this is and what freestyle does for wrestlers. I […]

Game Plans: Not just for Football

Coming down to the final stretch of the season I look to my athletes and wonder what can I do to best prepare them for success. I see way too many techniques that are still missing and there just isn’t enough time to cover it all. I started out this season hoping I could get […]

Push It

Ben Askren - Push It

This week choosing just one topic was a hard thing to do. Big tournaments bring deficiencies front and center and require analysis. Hundreds of ideas and questions ran through my head and with only three wrestlers entered in the tournament I had plenty of free time. I decided on writing about a dilemma I had […]

Wrestling with Curiosity

Ben Wrestling with Curiosity

It is Monday morning and I have been melding over many issues and thoughts from this past weekend’s tournament. I was going to write about having the end in mind and wrestling with the intent on improving aspects of your wrestling to prepare for the end. When I sat down to write though, the thought […]