Camps and Clinics

 2018 Registration Now Open!!! Discounted prices as always until Jan 1

Youth Camps

June 18-20- Youth Takedown Camp- AWA LC
June 18-20- Youth Takedown Camp- AWA PL
June 21-23- Youth Mat Camp- AWA LC
June 21-23- Youth Mat Camp- AWA PL
June 25-27- Youth Takedown Camp- AWA NS
June 28-30- Youth Mat Camp- AWA NS

Elite Camps

June 22-23- Far Ankle Scramble Camp- AWA LC
June 22-23- Handfighting Camp- AWA NS
June 29-30- 2 on 1 and Underhook camp- AWA LC
June 29-30- Leg Riding Camp- AWA PL

Technique Camps

June 25-29- Houdini Camp- AWA LC
June 25-29- Alcatraz Camp- AWA PL
June 27-29- Takedown King Camp- Tomahawk HS
July 9-11- Alcatraz Camp- Crass Trained- Eau Claire
July 23-25- Houdini Camp- AWA NS
July 26-28- Takedown King Camp- AWA NS

Team Camp

June 17-20- Team Camp- UW Parkside

Funky Fresh Camp

July 29-August 3- Funky Fresh Camp- UW Parkside

****Refunds available upon request****

AWA Wisconsin - Alcatraz

The Alcatraz Camp will focus exclusively on the top position, a position in which both Ben and Max excelled at in College!

AWA Funky Fresh

The Funky Fresh Camp is AWA’s premiere camp. We focus on teaching what no one else can teach anywhere in the country the way we do!

AWA WIsconsin - Houdini

Harry Houdini was a true escape artist. The AWA Wiscosin Houdini Camp will teach you the magic like escapes and reversals that Ben and Max used to leave opponents and audiences dumbfounded alike.

AWA Weekend Warrior

Our elite camps are focused on getting experience a serious camp experience that will push them to the next level.

AWA Takedown Kings

Per the title this camp will focus only on the Neutral position. After wrestlers attend this camp they will feel much more comfortable in the neutral position.

Our philosophy for our youth camps is to get wrestlers focused on learning new techniques while having fun in a relaxed environment. We think it is great for young wrestlers…

AWASt. Johns Team

This camp is going to mesh quality instruction with the experience of getting matches.  Wrestlers will get at least 10 hours of quality instruction and at least 7 dual meet matches at this camp.