Jordan Burroughs – Olympic Champion

Great article about Jordan!! Like I always say those who end up great were nothing special in the beginning. They get there through a special blend of hard work, determination and persistence. Hope this inspires some of you that you can become a champion too.

LINCOLN — Jordan Burroughs had nowhere else to go.
It wasn’t back to football, not after he went through his freshman season at 98 pounds and never got into a game.
It wasn’t off to another sport. Burroughs didn’t run track, play basketball, swing a golf club or tennis racquet.
So Burroughs had to stare hard at that 16-10 record — and ponder what he was going to do about it — after his first season of wrestling at Winslow Township High in Atco, N.J.
“I was terrible,” Burroughs said. “I lost the first night of districts. I was just small.”
On a “rough team of guys,” that wasn’t easy. Burroughs heard about it. He got tired of losing. He got tired of the teasing.
That’s when he encountered a defining moment in his wrestling career: Walk away. Or stay and fight.

He stayed. And fought.

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