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MMA Good For Wrestling?

Ben Askren - MMA

So as I was writing last week procrastinating, I checked a discussion on Flo out. Is MMA good for wrestling? Different people responded in various ways. This is something that I have given much thought since my brother has switched to MMA and my folk-style wrestling career has recently ended. I think there is a […]

Adding Dimensions

Ben Askren -Adding Dimensions

Most of the time insomnia is a thing of the past for me, but here and there it catches me. Fighting doesn’t work too well, so this past week during an episode I sat down to my computer and started watching matches. I started by finding ranked wrestlers first and watching opponents and then their […]

Freestyle, Why Not?

A conversation I have every year at the end of the folk-style season is, “Why wrestle freestyle?” The answer is plain and simple. Freestyle promotes attributes that greatly help folk-style wrestling. This is why the best folk-style wrestlers wrestle freestyle. I have different thoughts on why this is and what freestyle does for wrestlers. I […]

Game Plans: Not just for Football

Coming down to the final stretch of the season I look to my athletes and wonder what can I do to best prepare them for success. I see way too many techniques that are still missing and there just isn’t enough time to cover it all. I started out this season hoping I could get […]