Ben Askren - MMA

MMA Good For Wrestling?

So as I was writing last week procrastinating, I checked a discussion on Flo out. Is MMA good for wrestling? Different people responded in various ways. This is something that I have given much thought since my brother has switched to MMA and my folk-style wrestling career has recently ended. I think there is a big problem with this question. The biggest being that it is ambiguous. Because of the US’s unique situation, there are two different questions that really should be asked. Is MMA good for folk-style wrestling? Yes. Is MMA good for freestyle wrestling? No.
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Weighing In

Okay, so this is going to be my very first blog and to tell the truth I’ve been procrastinating like I have done so often when writing. Whether it be e-mails or more often school papers I have had an aversion to writing. I believe it’s because I’m not so skilled and I always get criticized for not using paragraphs and gathering my thoughts fully. I apologize for my inability and hopefully after a while I will improve.
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