Training Tip #3 – Practice partners

760207_7eyK14kp1eDRm7oiuSbv_fwThis weeks training tip deals with practice partners and those who continue to perpetuate the myth that you need great practice partners to become great wrestlers. I’m not crazy. I understand that practice partners can help tremendously. It speeds up the learning curve on technique, tactics to work with someone who is better than you. The issue comes with years. If you are looking for short term gains, then by all means. The technical and strategic proficiency from youth to high school to college are three big steps. For kids to progress from a good youth to good high school to good college wrestlers it is essential that they have guidance from a good coach as well. Someone who can help mold their outlook on technique and strategies. Phenom youth wrestlers who don’t do much in high school are a dime a dozen. This also hold true for high school wrestlers transitioning to college. There are so many good programs out there where you can see this. Good programs develop their wrestlers. They may not be the best in the beginning, but with in the system they become good.

Our qualities of the perfect practice partner may not be the best, but the most committed and willing to work. If they show up day in and day out doing the right things you will grow together and become great.

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