Training Tip #7 – Setting Small Goals

Whether you are giving beatings or taking beatings the need to set small goals is a big deal. Goal setting doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process. Most people set long goals that take time like winning states or nationals. The type I’m talking about should be done right before practice, during a water break or before live.

These types of goals might be include performing a move a certain number of times, not getting taken down for x amount of seconds, pinning someone however many times or with varying pinning combinations. Here’s the kicker… These goals have to be at your limit. If you achieve your goal within 2 minutes of a 15 min go then you are not getting to the outer edges of your reach…. The goal should be difficult enough for you that you may not get it the first attempt. You’ve got  to push yourself to make it.

If you make it a habit to make these goals daily, you might surprise yourself in what you can achieve. Mitch Clark used to wrestle with college wrestlers when he was in high school. He was so far away in his ability to score on them that he needed a goal that was realistically attainable. His mission was to not get taken down for as long as possible. Here is how he won his NCAA title in 1998


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