Training Tip #9 – It’s called troubleshooting stupid


Troubleshooting is essential to learning and excelling at any skill. But something in the makeup of the wrestling culture halts the use of intelligence. Too many intelligent wrestlers turn off their brains when they strap on the shoes and get on the mat. If you are getting taken down by a post to a double leg in practice, it shouldn’t take long to recognize what the problem is. At this point, you should be able to analyze and figure out a plan to remedy the post or the double leg. Stopping the response from happening in the first place by not posting your hand would be the simplest way to fix it, but getting better at defending a double could work as well. If your first plan doesn’t work, my guess is that you will still be getting double legged quite frequently and will have plenty of time to figure another solution to test. The same kind of process can be applied to the most complex of wrestling situations. This is how our sport evolves. When you can think for yourself, you are free to figure out the game as far as your opponents can push you.

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